The Eliminator Pest Control Service LLC

History of The Eliminator Pest Control

The Eliminator Pest Control Service was started in 1991 by Hardwick resident Joe Degoosh. From its inception The Eliminator has always had a strong focus on customer satisfaction and proven, effective results controlling pests. Throughout the years Joe developed a large core of customers, with a mix of both commercial and residential. The Eliminator's reputation grew to the point where if someone had a problem they would call The Eliminator and know their problems would be solved in a timely efficient manner by a proven professional. In the Fall of 2005 I, Marcus Brown, of Hardwick purchased the Eliminator Pest Control service from Joe.

I grew up in Hardwick on a dairy farm, attended all the local schools and went on to Vermont Technical college in Randolph. I received an Associates Degree in Agricultural Business in 1992. I returned to the home farm and formed a successful partnership with my father that lasted for 9 years. Growing up and working and managing a dairy farm teaches you many things, not the least of which is how to work hard. The work ethic I have developed is something that I take with me in everything that I do. It is what drives me today when I work to solve pest problems. When a customer calls The Eliminator they know they will be getting someone who is not afraid to get dirty or spend the time doing things the right way. In 2001 my family and I moved to Venice, FL to explore other parts of the country and other career opportunities. For 3.5 years I worked for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in many capacities including; Stewarding Manager, Assistant Banquet Director and Food and Beverage Manager. It is here where I developed what I feel is core and base for my business, customer service. The Ritz-Carlton is a 5 star luxury hotel whose existence is based on exceptional customer service. The training and experience that I received here have become part of who I am and now form the base from which The Eliminator Pest Control Service offers the highest quality service and satisfaction in the industry.

In 2004 I moved back to Hardwick. Joe and I have been friend's for over 15 years and I was always aware of his business and had known he wanted to move on at some point. I had worked with him part time to get a feel for what he did. In 2005 I trained with Joe and completed my state certification for applying pesticides. In November 2005 we finalized the sale of The Eliminator Pest Control Services. My goal is to have 100% complete customer satisfaction. You should choose The Eliminator Pest Control Service based on its history of proven results, customer satisfaction and professional service.